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The Principles of Living Well in Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas was created from the ground up to offer a better, more intentional way of living, and you can see the results of that vision in the shops, restaurants, residences, and people that have come to make up this bustling beach town.

As Las Catalinas grows, that vision of a better way to live continues to drive the town forward. It’s present in the design of each home and flat, as well as our Santarena Hotel. It’s present in the thoughtful planning of each experience and excursion that awaits you, both within the town and out exploring Guanacaste. 

With such an everpresent vision of better living woven into every aspect of life in Las Catalinas, we wanted to take this article to touch on the pillars of the Well-Living movement in Las Catalinas. Codified in 2023, these guiding elements give you just a glimpse into the different ways to live, travel, and work in Las Catalinas.

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The Pillars of Well-Living in Las Catalinas

Car-Free Means More Freedom

In a car-free town, children can run and play on the street, go out to meet friends and discover their own sense of independence. This gives adults more freedom to work, relax, and play at their own pace as well. 

Tranquility and Relaxation

Las Catalinas is a sanctuary for resting and rejuvenating both body and mind. You have the comforts of home without your home’s distractions, which gives you a blank slate to create new daily habits and rituals, take moments of peace, and find solace in the natural serenity that surrounds town. 

Engaging with the Community 

Walking through a family neighborhood, one where people spend time on porches or terraces and cheerfully engage with the street makes every walk through Las Catalinas a chance to engage with your community. Add in engaging events, local coffee spots, and welcoming communal spaces, and you have a natural sense of togetherness and shared experiences that bring you closer to the people around you. 

Timeless Beauty 

Town is architecturally beautiful, crafted for outdoor living and panoramic views, and the surroundings are perhaps even more breathtaking. Steps from the ocean and surrounded on both sides by the tropical dry forest, you’re never more than a glance away from inspiring beauty. 

Easy Access to Nature

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Las Catalinas offers over 42 kilometers of trails through a wildlife preserve of rejuvenated tropical dry forest. In addition, Las Catalinas also rests on Playa Danta and Playa Dantita, two of the most pristine and enjoyable beaches in all of Costa Rica. 

Walkability Everywhere You Go

Without needing to accommodate cars, town is compact and walkable, with beautifully crafted public spaces interwoven with the natural environment. Stepping right out of your front door into an engaging town on foot is immensely liberating, and you can socialize, get errands done, and enjoy outdoor activities without once needing to jump in a car.

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There are multi-use trails for biking, hiking, and running (along with several dedicated hiking trails) throughout Las Catalinas reserve, which are considered some of the most desirable in all of Costa Rica. To make things even better, these trails are located overlooking Playa Danta and Playa Dantita, where easy swimming, boogie boarding, paddleboarding, and other activities await!

A Culture of Connections 

People who are drawn to Las Catalinas are individuals who prioritize meaningful connection, and you can always find something to connect about here, whether that’s through shared purpose, values, beliefs, or activities. The people who thrive here also cultivate a deep connection with the natural environment that surrounds Las Catalinas, which can be a lively neighbor in its own right! 

Nourishment of All Kinds

Las Catalinas is a place where healthy living and eating thrive, but nourishment extends beyond just healthy eating. Engaging with those important to us and pursuing activities that instill a profound sense of purpose and satisfaction are integral parts of holistic nourishment, and you’ll find a place for all of it here in Las Catalinas.

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Las Catalinas: A Town Crafted for Well-Living

Las Catalinas is a town purpose-built for a new, healthy, and deeply intentional way of living. 

This is why so many travelers seeking a better way to live have chosen Las Catalinas as their destination. Here, you can discover a place to connect with nature, build community, and experience the kind of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being that you can only find in a place that has been created specifically for such a purpose. 

In this article, we’ve touched on some of the foundational principles of well-living in Las Catalinas and offered a glimpse into how those principles guide daily life here. But the full effect of well-living in Las Catalinas can only be felt when you’re here in person, wandering the beautiful car-free town, exploring the trails and beyond, and sharing this way of life with the community around you. The good part is that you’re always invited, and it’s always a wonderful time to stay in Las Catalinas. 

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