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An Ideal Seaside Escape for Families

International news hub recently featured an in-depth article on Las Catalinas, with travel expert Cortney Fries calling it an “ideal seaside escape for families.” 

The piece begins by highlighting the town's unique walkable, car-free design, which enhances the accessibility of its shops, restaurants, and amenities, creating a seamless experience for visitors and residents alike.

Nestled between tropical dry forest mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Las Catalinas boasts a stunning natural setting with two pristine beaches, one that the author was quick to highlight in her article. She then went into various aspects of visiting Las Catalinas, providing practical information on how to get to Town, what activities were available, and the best times to visit. 


The article also explores intangibles that make life in Las Catalinas so special, touching on the serenity that pervades the town, the vibrant and naturally social community, and the diverse array of activities available. 

From hiking and biking through lush trails to indulging in the town's vibrant food scene, Fries explores all the things that visitors can enjoy in Las Catalinas. She concludes by highlighting how the blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern conveniences makes this coastal beach town perfect for families.

The article concludes with an overview of accommodation options in Las Catalinas, including the elegant Santarena Hotel and a diverse selection of homes and villas, all available for booking through Beach Town Travel.

Click here to read the full article, and if you’re interested in following Cortney’s footsteps click here to book your next family vacation


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