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Summer Beach Homes in Costa Rica

It's summertime in Costa Rica, a season marked by warm, breezy days basking in abundant sunshine and picturesque sunsets painted with hues of reds, oranges, blues, and pinks. The clear night skies sparkle with countless stars, setting the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures.
Regardless of whether it's the dry season or the rainy season, being outdoors in town is always a delight, offering a variety of activities along the trails, in the water, and throughout the town.

In the cozy homes and flats of Las Catalinas, the arrival of summer brings a host of beloved pastimes, including poolside relaxation, beachside barbecues, and al fresco dining experiences. Below, discover some of the many ways to enjoy summertime activities at these beach rentals in Costa Rica.

Beach Town Homes for Summertime Activities in Costa RicaCasa Acuarela | Casual Get Togethers During Days Around Town

Casa Acuarela serves as the perfect hub for outdoor adventures, providing ample space for gatherings amidst days filled with beach outings, ocean excursions, and trail explorations. Boasting expansive social areas, both indoor and outdoor dining options, and four bedrooms, this home offers a seamless blend of comfort and convenience. Its prime location, mere steps away from the Beach Club and Playa Danta, adds to its appeal.

Additionally, Casa Acuarela is well-suited for hosting casual get-togethers amid days of exploration. The second floor features an open floor plan flooded with natural light, courtesy of three adjacent outdoor living spaces: the serene side patio, the charming back dining and grilling patio, and the lively front balcony facing the plaza. This layout creates a versatile yet cohesive environment, perfect for bringing people together at the heart of the home during vibrant days in Las Catalinas.


Avenida La Antigua Flat 30Avenida La Antigua Flats | Plaza Dinners

In the heart of central Avenida La Antigua, flats like 30, 32, and 38 Avenida La Antigua offer a delightful blend of open-air terraces, pedestrian-friendly streets, and the fusion of nature and traditional architecture that defines Las Catalinas. With large windows, terraces, and communal balconies nearby, residents are treated to sweeping views and easy access to the surrounding outdoor environment.

The shared open-air dining terrace on Avenida La Antigua sets the stage for intimate open-air dinners against the backdrop of the town's charming traditional architecture. Overlooking Plaza Escondida, a serene pedestrian plaza, this space provides a peaceful setting for gathering and enjoying quality time together.


Beach Town Homes for Summertime Activities in Costa Rica-12-1

Plaza Lucia set up for Guanacaste Nights 2019

Across from the apartment, all the Avenida la Antigua flats offer direct access to Plaza Lucia, a vibrant and communal hub nestled within one of the town's inviting open-air squares. Plaza Lucia has been a bustling center for various events, including long-table pig roasts and the lively Guanacaste Nights Fiesta en la Plaza in 2019. Its smooth brick tiles and the canopy of the area's majestic ceiba tree create an inviting pedestrian space, perfect for socializing and soaking in the lively atmosphere.

Linea Naranja

Casa Pelícano | Colorful Days by the Pool

Casa Pelícano boasts a lively and whimsical decor, featuring unique design pieces crafted by local artisans, captivating murals by artist Julio Cesar Valverde, and sculptures inspired by the land and sea. Vibrant and colorful artwork adorns the walls, complemented by a palette of handcrafted Cuban tiles, infusing this beachfront home with a dynamic energy.

At the heart of Casa Pelícano lies the pool terrace, enveloped by lush foliage, which serves as a focal point for gathering. This inviting space brings together an infinity pool with sweeping views of the forested beaches, a two-floor outdoor dining area adorned with a surfboard table designed by Robert August, and the home's balconies. The result is a harmonious blend of colors and a character that’s reflective of Guanacaste, providing a comfortable and vibrant setting where everyone can come together to enjoy lively days by the pool surrounded by natural beauty.


StuCasa | An Easygoing Afternoon Hangout in the Heart of Town

StuCasa, a charming six-bedroom residence nestled in the heart of town, offers abundant spaces for socializing with family and friends during vacations. Featuring a picturesque pool terrace and an inviting open-air dining area, the home provides adaptable settings for both kids and adults to enjoy together. Two ocean-view porches offer cozy spots for conversations with friends or interactions with passersby, and a guest house provides ample accommodation for extended family and friends.

Conveniently located just steps away from Playa Danta, the trails, and the town's shops and restaurants, StuCasa ensures that every generation can find enjoyable activities within walking distance.

The result is a home where relaxed outdoor sociability flourishes. A dual-level pool terrace with lounge chairs and adjacent outdoor dining offers uninterrupted views of the lush foliage and sea. Adjacent to this, the ground-level porch is thoughtfully designed to provide versatile social spaces depending on seating preferences. By moving your rocking chair towards the back, you can enjoy complete privacy on the elevated porch, while shifting it forward towards the edge allows for easy conversations with passersby below.

These open-air spaces seamlessly integrate with the kitchen, living, and dining areas, creating a beautifully designed and luxuriously appointed indoor-outdoor hub where large groups can gather and connect throughout the day.

Linea Naranja

Casa Encantada | Brunch on the Rooftop

Casa Encantada features four bedrooms, with a central indoor-outdoor multilevel living area that serves as the heart of the home. Its expansive rooftop terrace offers panoramic views, making it an ideal setting for a vibrant and social stay in town.

In addition to the outdoor social spaces like the pool and dining area, the spacious top-floor belvedere provides breathtaking forest and ocean views, seating for ten, and a second grill, creating a beautiful space for gatherings.

This belvedere also serves as a perfect spot for brunch, surrounded by panoramic vistas of the town, trails, and the ocean bathed in the gentle morning light. The inviting shade and refreshing airflow of the rooftop belvedere, combined with the communal seating arrangement around one table, naturally encourage connections among guests and appreciation for the natural beauty of Las Catalinas. The Town’s culinary team can even provide ingredients or a chef to elevate the brunch experience further.

Linea Naranja

Casa Brewer | Movie Night By the Pool

Casa Brewer offers six bedrooms, including a two-bedroom guest house, along with a central courtyard featuring a pool and numerous open-air terraces. Its prime location just steps away from Playa Danta creates an inherent connection to town, nature, and each other.

At the heart of the home lies the courtyard, pool, and dining grotto, vibrant open-air spaces that are teeming with greenery, perfect for play, socializing, and covered outdoor dining. With high courtyard walls and ample open space around the pool, this area is an ideal setting for a movie night under the stars. Whether floating in the pool or seated poolside, guests can bask in the warm ocean breeze and picturesque surroundings, creating a serene ambiance that complements the cinematic experience.

Linea Naranja

Flat | 36 Plaza Carlota | Sunset Dining in the Open Air

The standout feature of 36 Plaza Carlota is undoubtedly its covered terrace, offering unobstructed views in three directions—town, ocean, and mountains—allowing beauty and fresh air to permeate the space. With dining for eight and a hanging sofa large enough for three, this terrace provides the perfect setting for open-air gatherings. Accommodating up to six guests and adorned with bright and welcoming decor, this three-bedroom flat seamlessly complements the vibrant lifestyle of Las Catalinas.

As day turns to dusk, the covered terrace transforms into a stunning venue, with the ocean breeze gently wafting in, the Guanacaste sky ablaze with vivid colors over the town, forest, and ocean, and the comfortable space offering ample room to entertain guests. One beloved feature of this home is the option for a private dining experience with the town's chefs, where the full kitchen below allows the chefs to prepare courses using fresh local ingredients. Guests can savor each dish while surrounded by the vibrant and colorful beauty of the region.


OSC041108A Cartagena Flat | A Hidden Terrace On the Monkey Corridor

8A Cartagena Flat, located on the ground floor of the Cartagena Flats building, offers a sense of natural privacy, situated just one flight down from the street level. The front grotto serves as a shaded terrace adorned with art and lush plants, providing a spacious and inviting personal retreat. With a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, the back terrace boasts a plunge pool and generous living and dining areas, offering picturesque views of the verdant Monkey Corridor and the serene Plaza Andalucía.

The Cartagena Flat are mere steps away from Plaza Celaje, a picturesque plaza shaded by the branches of a ceiba tree, perfect for everything from leisurely picnic lunches to enjoying sunset cocktails in a tranquil setting.

Flat 2201-6 (1)

Nestled amidst these vibrant surroundings, the back terrace of 8A Cartagena Flat offers a retreat that feels secluded and intimate, yet remains closely connected to the natural beauty and charm of Las Catalinas. With its pool terrace, outdoor seating, BBQ grill, and dining area, this space provides a refreshing escape where residents can unwind and relax amidst the bustling energy of town.

Linea Naranja

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