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For the Endless Summer in Costa Rica: Some of Our Favorite Ways to Use the Pools in Las Catalinas

For the Endless Summer in Costa Rica: Some of Our Favorite Ways to Use the Pools in town.

One of the benefits of living in the tropics is that, in one way or another, it’s always summertime. The seasons change, switching from dry season to green season, and each has their own character, but one feature of the country stays the same: it’s always a good day for a splash in the pool.

Like the homes in Las Catalinas, every pool in town is unique, suited to its own perfect occasions. To spark your imagination, we’ve come up with a short list of some of our favorite poolside moments to capture when we’re in town.


Oceanside Infinity | The Blissful Waterfront with Casa Naranja

Sometimes you want to hear the gently crashing waves, feel the ocean breeze, and enjoy expansive views out to the horizon, all from the comfort and serenity of your own pool. We’re big fans of Casa Naranja’s infinity pool, located just a stone’s throw from the beach down on Calle Cartagena. A great way to capture the easygoing atmosphere of a beach escape right in your own home.

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An Ethereal Nighttime Splash | Star Gazing on the Roof of Posada San Rafael

The shallow water splash pool on the Posada’s rooftop terrace is a one-of-a-kind spot best suited to looking skyward as the soft lamps of town fade to reveal a dramatic starry sky. The architectural angles of town’s stonework jut out to play with your eye in the twinkling lights of evening, while third story breezes and the fire table round out the ethereal mix of wind, water, fire and earth.

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The Unsung Hero | Lap Pool at Casa Cazenovia

A pool that covers all bases. Long enough to swim a few laps for a morning warmup or afternoon recovery. Half shaded by a concrete arcade with a framed ocean view. Has enough direct sun for lounging, but also recedes into the roof terrace to allow for a private night time dip. And finally, it’s adjacent to the main living spaces of the home making it easy to keep an eye on the little ones while hosting or prepping lunch.

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Wildlife from the Water | Poolside Nature Watch at Casa Pelícano

Casa Pelícano’s pool is one of the best places in town to watch for wildlife from the water. Surrounded by the lush foliage in green season, you can easily spot parakeets, howler monkeys, hawks, and a number of the other species that live in Las Catalinas right from poolside or the infinity edge. During the dry season these creatures are even easier to spot, with iguanas and the occasional anteater ambling along the trails nearby.

A great spot to settle in and enjoy the vibrant Costa Rican flora and fauna.

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For the Ideal Al Fresco Evening | Casa Pacifica Under the Full Moon

Amazing views of ocean, open sky, and the nighttime lights dotting the mountainside are just the start for Casa Pacifica’s pool. Nearby BBQ and open air dining with seating for 12, indoor outdoor space into the living room, plenty of space to lounge make this the perfect spot for al fresco evening dinner under the full moon. The sweet smell of the grill mingling in the air, the soft light of torches mixing with the stars across the hills and the sky, and the company of friends.

Hard to beat.

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The Guanacaste Sunrise | A Morning Dip at Casa Estrella

A pool to fully embrace the early dawn hours, with a panoramic view of town from high in the hills as the sun rises behind you over the mountains. Dip your toes in the water from the hammock for one, or plunge right in for a burst of energy to start the day. Our favorite spot here is the corner perch, constructed at perfect standing height to sip a cup of tea or coffee as the town beneath you fills with light and begins to come alive.

An excellent pool for all occasions, but morning here is superlative.

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For Family, Friends, and Photoshoots | Casa Brewer’s Versatile Oasis

Casa Brewer’s oasis is one of the most versatile pools in town. Kids can have an epic water movie night there too once the big wall which divided Stucasa and Brewer, works perfect for a screening. For teens, it’s a perfect pool to blow some inflatables and have some fun. Adults can spend the entire day at the pool, close to the BBQ, with an integrated sound system playing custom made soundtracks for different occasions, and the Grotto’s outdoor dining room just a few steps away.

Add in complete privacy on all sides, and the pool’s immediate Instagrammability (… the colors, the decor, the fountain, the greenery, the lighting...) and you have a poolside paradise suited to any occasion.

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A Place of Your Own | Casa del Alba’s Perfect Family Pool

Sitting in the center of Beach Town on Calle La Ronda, the pool of Casa del Alba is just right for the family any time of day. Well sized for an urban pool but still private, this pool combines with the kitchen and living room to create one communal family space with something for everyone in the family.

Parents can keep an eye from the kitchen while making lunch, or lounge and enjoy a dip in the pool while the kids are playing games in the living room. Casa del Alba’s pool also has enough space for friends to play, while adults enjoy evening apps and cocktails on the outdoor table. A space ready for your family’s next vacation.

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Mountainside Majesty | Casa Colina’s Sunset Panorama

A pool that truly captures the same magic that has drawn painters and artists to Guanacaste for so long. A drawn-out moment of majesty, leaning against the infinity edge as the sun sets out to the west, watching the lights of town slowly flicker to life all across the hillside.

Whether lounging in the chairs on the terrace or enjoying a quiet moment of wonder, Casa Colina is an amazing place to be for the last hours of the day.

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And These Are Just The Start

There are dozens of special moments like these to discover for each and every pool in town. Which will be right for you?


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